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Communicating Vodafone's Success

Vodafone, a leading global telecommunications company, finds real-time automated translations for all its digital assets essential. Thanks to our ATLAS RT proxy from Linguaserve, we've saved time on deliveries, fostering smoother communication with efficient, tailored workflows for the company's needs in the Spanish market. With over 1 million words translated and successful outcomes, our partnership is set to last for many years.

A Beacon in International Fashion

Over 17 years ago, Zara embarked on a strategic alliance with Linguaserve to optimize its multilingual processes and take its e-commerce and international communication to the next level. Since then, at Linguaserve, we've developed and evolved a comprehensive solution for managing and producing multilingual content, offering localization, translation, and transcreation services through Open API web services, complete with an impressive graphical context validation system and a Client Portal. With over 180 million words translated into more than 30 languages, we're proud to contribute to the internationalization of this global fashion icon.

Marching into New Markets with Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear, a leading clothing brand, has chosen Linguaserve as its multilingual marketing services ally. Through our new SEO keyword research and message freshening services, alongside translation and transcreation, we've supported Pull & Bear in maintaining its international presence across major digital channels. With over 28 million words produced in more than 36 languages over the years, we've successfully helped Pull & Bear effectively connect with its target audience.

A Global Game for LALIGA

LLALIGA, Spain's top football league and a global leader in the sport, has seen worldwide expansion and consolidation with Linguaserve's collaboration in communication across over 20 countries. Our specific glossaries tailored to each sector and style guides for sports communication have enabled us to offer precise and elegant customized services, significantly reducing delivery times. With over 3 million words translated in more than 50 language combinations, we've covered both audiovisual and documentary translation to help LALIGA remain the world's top league.

Driving Success with smart

Our commitment to smart has been in collaborating with the first automotive sector company focusing its globalization process on its e-commerce platform. At the project's inception, we produced over 3 million words in 13 languages for the entire website: translation and transcreation of e-commerce content, marketing campaigns, and global communication in Europe, including technical manuals and legal and commercial documentation in various languages. We've also collaborated on other content like customer service, internal communication, and internal training program translation.

Joining Lacoste in New Markets

Lacoste, one of the world's most important fashion brands, trusted our global communication services to enhance its international presence through e-commerce translation. Thanks to Linguaserve's e-commerce translation experts, we've translated over 2 million words in more than 20 language combinations effectively. This has aided Lacoste's e-commerce expansion into new markets and significantly increased its sales.

Multilingual Transformation with NH Hotels

Our collaboration with NH Hotels, initiated over 12 years ago, has set a standard of excellence in the industry, backed by the efficient management of translating more than 2.5 million words in over 10 languages. Through this project, NH Hotels underwent a significant transformation in its ability to manage and produce multilingual content, achieving efficiency and speed in its communications. Areas most impacted in globalizing communication include finance, legal, accounting, logistics, and marketing. All have been effectively optimized, demonstrating the positive impact of our solution and our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Advancing with Cepsa to International Markets

Spanish oil company CEPSA sought to improve communication in its international expansion. Thanks to high responsiveness in terms of quality and timing, Linguaserve has established itself as CEPSA's linguistic provider, translating over 6 million words in 3 years in more than 60 language combinations. Our professional translators, specialized in various sectors, have produced specialized translations for over 100 departments within the company, making us their partner for linguistic solutions in all company areas, streamlining management with our Client Portal.

Styling Parfois

Our commitment to Parfois has been to contribute to the internationalization of its brand. We've translated over a million words into more than 6 languages, ensuring precise translations aligned with the context and culture of each country. Additionally, our SEO services focused on transcreation and translation have ensured Parfois's e-commerce presence in numerous new markets. Thanks to our translation tools and methodologies, Parfois has saved up to 50% on its advertising materials, such as promotions and newsletters for new markets.

Multicultural Security for MAPFRE

Over 14 years ago, insurance company MAPFRE secured its international future by becoming one of the Spanish insurers with the greatest global presence, with support from Linguaserve. Over these years together, we've achieved a high level of excellence and precision in multilingual communication, significantly reducing costs thanks to our unique content recovery and versioning system, also ensuring significant savings in time and processes through the Client Portal and efficient management with our plugins and connectors. After translating over 17 million words in more than 50 language combinations, MAPFRE continues to expand successfully into various international markets.

Dressing Massimo Dutti Internationally

Massimo Dutti, one of the most prominent companies in the fashion world, has trusted Linguaserve as its linguistic services provider for over 10 years. Thanks to our Translation Adapted for Communication (TAC) service, we've achieved more specific translations aligned with Massimo Dutti's markets to effectively connect with its target audience. With over 14 million words translated into more than 45 languages, we're proud to be part of this great company's international communication strategy.

Multilingual Communication with El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés, one of the world's leading retail companies and the most prominent in Spain, trusted Linguaserve to develop a multilingual communication strategy for its various online projects. With over 16 million words translated and more than 20 language combinations, El Corte Inglés has reached its customers in record time thanks to our Open API service, offering simplification and speed in translation workflow processes.

A Global Home for Zara Home

Zara Home, Inditex's flagship brand in home decoration, relies on Linguaserve for subtitling its content. Thanks to our Client Portal systems, Open API GBC Server, and graphical context quality system ProofEditor, we can offer our services to streamline processes and delivery times. With over 110 million words translated into more than 37 languages for Zara Home, we're proud to be part of its international expansion.

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