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Agile, Flexible, Robust, and Efficient Workflows

Excellence demands meticulous control. That’s why we are dedicated to developing, integrating, and innovating the leading platform that underpins all our services and solutions. Our technology oversees every facet of the translation and content creation processes, from the initial request to quality review (QA) and comprehensive project management. We also furnish detailed statistics for a comprehensive tracking of the progress and status of each project.

Technology and R&D

Translation Technology, Content Creation, and Quality

Tools that harness the best of both worlds

We delve into the deployment of market-leading Linguistic and Quality Assurance (QA) Technologies to achieve optimal results, maximizing efficiency, quality, and always with the aim of realizing significant cost savings for our clients.

The key lies in optimizing the interplay between automation and professional human intervention. That’s why we integrate technological tools and cultivate innovative methodologies to enhance linguistic technology, advanced translation, content creation, and quality assurance, enhancing elements that augment overall value.

SmartBiC (Smart Bilingual Corpora)

Development of technology to obtain smart high-performance parallel corpora for neural machine translation (NMT)

Call: 2021 grants for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development projects and other digital technologies and their implementation in the value chains (C005/21-ED) of the Entidad Pública Empresarial RED.ES, M.P.

File: 2021/C005/00150077

Experimental development programs and broad dissemination of results.

The aim of Linguaserve’s R&D activity is to resolve the entire value chain of our clients’ multilingual needs: interaction, management, translation and technology. In Spain Linguaserve is at the forefront of multilingual solutions for web information systems.


Project financed by:

Gobierno de España
Plan de recuperación, transformación y resiliencia
Financiado por la Unión Europea

The main technologies of the SmartBiC project are:

The aim of the SmartBiC project is to have the necessary technology for the qualitative identification, collection, alignment, tagging and filtering of bilingual data from the Internet in an efficient manner for the selective training of neural engines and Deep Learning, especially neural machine translation.

Based on the state of the art, research is done on how to improve the on-demand production of bilingual corpora on the Internet and how to ensure the quality of these corpora in terms of training. The most promising available technologies and methodologies identified by Linguaserve are those used in the “Broader/Continued Web-Scale Provision of Parallel Corpora for European Languages” (paracrawl.eu) project.

Different scopes of application and sectors can benefit from this solution, such as:

Machine translation and multilingual systems

-Creation of translation memories from web content.
-Use of bilingual corpora with terminology extraction

Training neural systems

-Training neural machine translation systems.
-Training other neuro-linguistic systems.

Text treatment

-Searching for bilingual text with specific criteria or focus.
-Text cleaning and filtering.
-Text annotation.

This project will allow covering the needs of various stakeholders, achieving both a positive internal impact in the company as well as a significant socio-economic impact.

SmartNeural: Human Intelligence and the Power of Deep Learning

Development of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Technologies and Methodologies


We recognize that the daily advancements in Neural Machine Translation systems present unique challenges. While generic engines are valuable, they only partially address the needs of our clients. Customizing them becomes a daunting task without a deep understanding.

Therefore, alongside our in-house NMT technology, we assess and test the best systems on the market for each client and language combination. This approach enriches and revitalizes customization and adaptation methodologies for each system, ensuring a solution tailored to specific needs.

Additionally, we integrate leading technology in Quality Assurance automation for NMT with the professional expertise of our post-editors. This comprehensive approach guarantees the highest quality results for each project.

SmartAI, a Smart Way to Apply Generative Artificial Intelligence

Using Custom LLMs as a Means to Achieve Your Goals

In a world where Large Language Models and Generative Artificial Intelligence are accessible to everyone, we understand that the key lies not only in having access to these powerful tools but in using them strategically and customizing them to maximize their impact. Every organization, user, and environment presents unique challenges, and that’s where our SmartAI innovation line comes into play.

SmartAI is not just about access; it’s about thoroughly understanding the specific needs and goals of each client. We strive to provide artificial intelligence solutions that align perfectly with business objectives, improve internal processes, and meet cost reduction expectations. Whether enhancing operational efficiency, personalizing the user experience, or addressing specific challenges in each sector, we focus on the customization and adaptation of AI to deliver and measure tangible results.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we offer a consultative and collaborative approach. We thoroughly analyze requirements, evaluate the environment, and design solutions that not only leverage the power of artificial intelligence but also seamlessly integrate into each client’s unique landscape.


With SmartAI, you not only gain access to cutting-edge technology but also experience personalized and effective digital transformation. We are committed to being your partner on the journey towards optimization and innovation through artificial intelligence, always adapting to your changing needs to evolve with you.

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