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Translation Plugins

Automate and Simplify Your Workflow with Our Plugins

At Linguaserve, we recognize the paramount importance of delivering an exceptional experience to your clients. That’s why we present a diverse array of translation plugins designed to automate and streamline your translation processes, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Linguaserve plugins seamlessly integrate with industry-leading web content management systems and GIT repositories, simplifying their adoption into your existing systems.

Linguaserve's Plugins and Their Distinct Advantages

Linguaserve Translate For WPML

This plugin leverages WPML, a widely used tool for WordPress web localization. It automates translation processes and provides tracking of translation statuses.

Linguaserve Translation Connector For AEM

Designed to work with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it simplifies the management of multilingual content and integration with AEM.


Installs effortlessly into GIT repositories, ensuring automatic updates to multilingual files, guaranteeing an optimal experience for your users.

Our suite of plugins frees you from manual and resource-intensive translation processes. Let these plugins take the reins, saving you both time and valuable resources. Install them today to unlock the agility, security, and efficiency you’ve been longing for.

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