Step by step in video game dubbing

Many gamers prefer to play their favorite video games in the dubbed version. And, in this sense, it should be noted that good video game dubbing is often the key to achieve an unforgettable user experience.

The process of dubbing a video game involves a complex development that is often underrated. In this article we tell you step by step how to dub a video game.

Video game dubbing process

If you’re in the business, you know. Bad dubbing can turn a video game into the laughing stock of the scene and ruin the effort and resources spent on it. Controlling each of the steps allows minimizing errors in the dubbing of a video game and achieving a quality result.

These are the steps to follow in video game dubbing.


Translation is the basis of the dubbing process of a video game as it allows the player to get into the story without having to read the subtitles and miss details of each scene.

The highest percentage of video game translations are from English to Spanish. In this regard, it is always important to provide translators with as much information as possible about the character, the context and the situations in each scene so that they can choose the most appropriate words.


Linked to translation, video game localization is the work of fully adapting the product to the language and culture of the target market. Ethical, legal and even religious aspects must be taken into account. This is nothing more than a resource created for the player to assimilate the meaning of the translated texts in a coherent manner and without encountering unfamiliar, inappropriate or offensive expressions to their culture.

The translation and localization team is also in charge of adapting the names of characters, places, weapons, spells and any other element present in the development of the plots so that players feel that the game has been created in their native language.


Once the video game is already translated and localized, it is time to review all the texts and get them ready for dubbing. In this step, text notes are usually added, either by the translator or by a member of the dubbing team, about some particularity of the scene to facilitate the dubbing actor’s work.

During the review, creative input and modifications can also be made to make dialogues and scenes more enjoyable with entertaining details for the players.


Voice selection or casting is the step in which tests are performed and the most suitable voice actors and actresses are selected for the voices of all the characters.


Once the actors are chosen, the next step is to organize all the translated and localized content and start dubbing. In this step it is important that the dubbing actor’s interpretation fits the time available in the scene without losing meaning and keeping the right tone.

Lip synchrony is one of the most complex tasks, since when the character appears in the scene and their lips can be read, the phrases heard have to match the lip articulation of that character.

There are many occasions in which the dubbing actor does not have the original scene but only a sound file, so he must use all their experience and professionalism to fit the interpretation.


In this step, the video game developer is in charge of the audio assembly with the game code and a test is performed to check that the voices are heard when they are played and that they respect the time available for the phrases. This is the time to detect any possible errors and correct them.

Entrusting the dubbing of video games to an agency with extensive experience in the entire process guarantees the best professional and quality result for your audiovisual products. What are you waiting for to find out more?

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