5 criteria to select a film dubbing service

Have you ever thought about the amount of movies that are made each year worldwide and their various languages? Most people rather watch movies in their mother tongue, therefore film dubbing is essential for the movie to be successful.

Making viewers forget the movie was filmed in a different language thanks to good dubbing is a job that combines the voice actor’s skills and professionalism.

If you’re looking for dubbing professionals for a movie, you should know which features to consider when hiring a professional or service that will provide good dubbing. Voice actors have a set of characteristics that go beyond just having a nice voice.

In this article, we’ll explain the most important conditions you should consider so the dubbing is a complete success.

Requirements the voice actor must meet

Audiovisual translation or translation for dubbing is one of the most in-demand translation services, since there are viewers from many countries who prefer to watch movies in their mother tongue. It is also one of the most complex services, whose process includes:


  • Translating and adapting audio material.


  • Linguistic review.


  • Directing and interpreting the dialog.


  • Mixing the recorded tracks.


Taking all of these aspects into account, hiring a professional dubbing service will guarantee the right selection of voice actors, who will meet all the requirements we mention below:


The voice is a voice actor’s working tool, and they must know how to use it. It is essential to pronounce the words correctly and to have perfect dictionadjusting breathing and posture to interpretation times and pauses. Voice actors adjust the characters’ voice, adopting the tone and timbre they require at the same time they synchronize their lips.


Voice dubbing means getting into character in order to convey the feeling each dialogue involves in a believable way. A voice actor speaks and gesticulates, providing the original character’s intention.


Good memory is a highly regarded virtue in the dubbing industry. An actor is capable of memorizing the dialogue and the connotations of the character’s voice, makes few mistakes and is able to carry out an efficient and nimble pace of work, thus reducing costs.


Empathy, the ability to connect with the character’s psychology and environment, is one of the characteristics that distinguishes voice actors. Connecting with the original actor’s looks, expressions and feelings makes the voice actor’s interpretation deeper and more realistic.


professional voice actor who has a good command of the original language is already in a leading position when having to fully understand their character. A professional company that offers a voice dubbing service counts on actors who are trained in several languages in order to always provide the most appropriate assistance.

If you want the guarantee of a high-quality service, don’t hesitate to hire the service of a translation and film dubbing company that provides speech and dubbing services depending on your needs. At Linguaserve, we have the necessary resources and tools so that your project’s film dubbing is a complete success.

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