Validation and Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance


Validation and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance.

Checking and Quality Assurance (QA) tools

To carry out the systematic checking that is done on every piece of work, all the QA functionalities and capabilities of the computer-assisted translation tools are used. Along with the checking and quality control functions included in these tools, other specific quality assurance tools have been integrated.

Moreover, Linguaserve has developed quality control functionalities and has integrated them into the automatic system, as LS Collator, which makes it possible to compare translated and checked versions and report on the changes made, flagging up patterns that may require other additional checks.

Quality Assurance (QA) tools integrated into Linguaserve's platforms

These tools are used to carry out quality control on translated content, thereby improving both the resulting quality of the translations and the productivity of the checkers, and human error is drastically reduced. QA tools show the checker a series of very common errors, allow them on more complex tasks, such as consistency in the use of terminology and checking the style. Linguaserve has recently integrated tools such as Language Tool, Okapi CheckMate, Ocelot, and Xbench.

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