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Maximum control throughout the translation chain.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) and Quality Assurance (QA)

Linguaserve applies a body of standards, quality regulations, best practices and tools that make up a methodology capable of producing translations of the high standard that the project requires.

Linguaserve works with world leaders in TEnT (Translation Environment Tool) systems and integrates the following translation management, translation, checking, quality management and control and terminology tools into its back office and workflow, to achieve a standard in accordance with international standards.

Moreover, computer-assisted translation provides practical features to which systematic procedures and practices can be applied.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) systems integrated into Linguaserve's platforms

CAT tools make up a body of useful fundamentals:

  1. Importing and separating format and content.
  2. Programing filters to block the editing of tags or selectively edit the content.
  3. Reusing translations by means of translation memories.
  4. Shared use of terminological resources.
  5. Collaboration between various translators.
  6. Project management.
  7. Specialized editing for translation tasks.
  8. Editing tags within translatable content.
  9. Quality assurance functions for the translator, the reviewer and the project manager.
SDL Trados Studio 2014

SDL Trados Studio is the computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool from SDL, which is used to create, edit and check translations. The most notable functionalities of SDL Trados Studio are:

  • AutoSuggest™: intelligent suggestions while writing.
  • SDL PerfectMatch™: previously translated bilingual archives are used to create PerfectMatch content. It is a quick and simple way of reducing checking time and ensuring coherence.
  • Matches “over 100%” using context and position recognition (“Context Match”).
  • Internal control of changes.
  • QA Checker: control of punctuation, terminology and inconsistencies, which helps to speed up the checking process.
  • Integrated or independent terminology management using SDL MultiTerm.
  • XLIFF format for bilingual (translation) files.
  • TMX format for translation memories.
  • TBX format for terminology databases.
  • Filters compatible with all the main formats on the market and personalization of filters.
Star Transit NXT

Transit NXT provides practical features to which systematic procedures and practices can be applied. Its features include:

  • Independent of any language.
  • Use of translation memory.
  • IBM/Windows compatible.
  • Compatible with numerous formats for extended use, labeling and standards.
  • Languages: any that can be displayed with Unicode.
  • Supports the TMX 1. 4b Specification standard (OSCAR Recommendation, 26 April 2005).
  • Importing/exporting of embedded objects.
  • Project management assistants and reusable project configurations.
  • Simultaneous multilingual importing and status information by segment.
  • Complete statistics.
  • Orthography, terminology, format and status quality control tools.
  • Morphological parser which improves term searching.
  • Translation editor with import/export filters.
  • Manageable translation memory.
  • Project and quality control management.
  • Alignment tool.
  • Interface with machine translation systems.
  • WYSIWYG editor and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Ergonomic translation editor with synchronized windows.
  • Searches and filters using parameters, text, wildcards and macros.
  • Terminology manager: complete integration with the TERMSTAR terminology manager.

All codes are protected according to the specifications programed in the import/export filters. Transit has a large number of standard filters. Linguaserve then programs and adapts specific filters for structured data. This programing makes it possible to protect tags, values or attributes, according to the client's specifications.

SDL Studio GroupShare

It is a client-server system for team translation. With GroupShare, localization teams share:

  • Centralized projects.
  • Translation memories.
  • Terminology (MultiTerm).

Having the projects, memories and terminology together on one server reduces project management time and provides greater control of all resources.

Star TermStar

TermStar enables the creation and maintenance of glossaries that are integrated into Transit, so that they can be easily used to assist all translators. TermStar is a terminology manager: a program for managing terminology databases.

Its features include:

  • Multilingual terminology manager with the option of adding new languages.
  • Predefined (but modifiable) structure, with modifiable layouts for display and data input.
  • Data search and manipulation: filters and expressions.
  • Combination of multiple dictionaries.
  • ASCII/ANSI, MARTIF, TBX or CSV structured file import/export module.
  • Automatic input of administrative information.
  • Protection against writing / importing / exporting.
  • Automatic input of user-defined values.
  • Input verification for certain fields.
Kilgray memoQ

MemoQ is another of the computer-assisted translation tools used by Linguaserve. Its most notable functionalities are:

  • Compatibility with the most common editing, DTP, XML and HTML formats available on the market and compatibility with the formats of CAT tools from other companies.
  • LiveDocs makes it possible to reuse translations that already exist but which are not stored in translation memories.
  • Context-sensitive translation memory for context recognition.
  • Document handling history and QA Checker with punctuation, terminology and inconsistency control, which helps to speed up the checking process, and integrated terminology management.
  • Kilgray memoQ server is Kilgray's client-server system for teamwork by sharing centralized projects and translation memories.

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