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Cada sector y especialidad se muestra en su terminología

Integrated terminology management.

Specialized and personalized multilingual communication

Correct communication from the corporate perspective, subject specialization and the homogeneity of the key vocabulary in texts when multiple translators are involved, make it essential to create, maintain and apply multilingual terminology in an integrated manner in all the working languages. The terminology management system has to respond to all the client's requirements:

  1. Criteria for adding a new term to the glossary.
  2. Definition of the process for validating terminology and online management tools.
  3. Definition of the process for applying and using terminology and tools integrated into the translation systems.
  4. Constant supply and updating.

The culture of your organization and the specialties of your business and sector as live, systematic reference material.

Terminology management and application tools integrated into Linguaserve's platforms

SDL MultiTerm Desktop SDL MultiTerm Desktop allows terminology management to ensure the terminological consistency of translations carried out as a team. Managing a company's terminology makes it possible to capture, control and distribute key phrases, terms and brands, providing consistency in communications with end users by ensuring consistent terminology. SDL MultiTerm Extract is an application for the automatic extraction of termbases and glossaries, with the option of mono- or bilingual term extraction from documents or translation memories. SDL MultiTerm Extract generates statistical views of the use of terminology in the client's termbases, helping with the quality assurance process and with the consistency of the client's termbases.

SDL MultiTerm Online Terminology management with the client's users can be carried out and coordinated using the interactive Web tool SDL MultiTerm Online. The terminology data integrated into SDL MultiTerm Desktop and TermStar are exported from this collaborative application and used for translation, checking and quality control tasks.Diagram of collaborative functioning of terminology maintenance

SDL MultiTerm Online allows Web access to the client's termbases managed by Linguaserve, without the SDL MultiTerm application needing to be installed on their machines. Each authorized user can access the termbases and the language pairs enabled in their profile. The user can (functionalities available depending on the user's profile):

  • Look up terms, synonyms, multimedia objects, additional information.
  • Comment on terms.
  • Modify and add new terms.
  • Export and import terms in different formats.


SDL MultiTerm Widget In addition, the user can activate this desktop widget (installed on the user's desktop), directly, using a (configurable) key and mouse button combination. SDL MultiTerm Widget allows all the client's termbases kept by Linguaserve on its terminology server to be consulted online, as well as searching for the term directly on Google, Bing, Linguee or Wikipedia. The widget captures the text indicated with the mouse pointer and copies it directly into its search field.

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