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AI solutions and special projects

The Right Technology for You

In the business world, certain projects demand distinctive solutions. At Linguaserve, we recognize the importance of delivering precise, customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Are you facing one of these situations? 

Do you require efficient management of multilingual documentation with frequent updates?

Is the continuous creation of international content for various platforms part of your ongoing tasks?

Do you want to tailor Generic Artificial Intelligence or LLM (Large Language Model) to align with your specific goals?

SmartBic for Cleaning and Optimizing Translation Memories

Do you need to transform data from databases into translation and localization-ready formats?

Are you dealing with documents in multiple non-editable formats?

Are you navigating the complexities of a translation project with technological, linguistic, or cost-related challenges?

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Customized LLMs

Define the challenges or needs unique to your business.

Identify areas where AI can be a strategic asset.

Establish a system to measure success.

Share your objectives for the success of your company: adding value, process improvement, and cost reduction. For those aiming higher, personalize Generative AI. Remember, your data shapes how AI works for you.  At Linguaserve, equipped with expertise and knowledge, we facilitate your journey to achieve tangible success by integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence into your business. 

AI and Corporate LLMs

AI and Corporate LLMs

If the implementation of Generic Artificial Intelligence or LLM poses complexities within your organization, and you desire control, Linguaserve configures and oversees user access seamlessly and with absolute control.

API and Web Access

User control and security (login, password, SSO, 2FA)

Billing based on monthly consumption

Control and restriction of usage

Real-time consumption reports 

Additional value-added services

Trust Linguaserve for Tailored Solutions

Employ an Efficient Methodology

We deploy optimal methodologies, thorough planning, and efficient workflow management.

Leverage Cutting-edge Technological Tools

Our team develops bespoke tools and workflows tailored to your project's requirements.

Ensure Seamless Adaptation of Reference Materials

We customize glossaries and conduct automated quality tests for precise adaptation.

The Most Proficient Human Teams

Our approach involves assigning specialized teams tailored to your specific needs.

Rely on us to deliver exceptional, personalized solutions that meet the demands of your most intricate projects. Contact us, regardless of your project’s complexity, and we’ll craft a solution that aligns seamlessly with your requirements. 

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