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Real-time telephone translation in more than 50 languages


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Telephone interpreting services

A teleinterpretation solution for each situation

Telephone translation from your cell phone or landline in seconds.

Interpreters available immediately as long as you have a cell phone or land line. Secure, professional and confidential. You will only pay for the minutes you use!

Face2Face Teleinterpretation

Used when the speakers are present but not the interpreter:

  • Cell phones and Dualia two-way headphones are used between two people on the move
  • Hands-free or speaker phones are used for two or more people in meetings

Incoming 3way-call Teleinterpretation

Through a land line receiving calls; Linguaserve offers this exclusive service to its clients to empower their multilingual communication. It is a perfect way to offer a multilingual call center with no hassles.

Outgoing 3way-call Teleinterpretation

Through a landline making calls; Linguaserve offers this service so your executives and sales staff can speak with their clients and providers from any country in the world via video conference or conference call.

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Telephone translation and interpreting services

Telephone translation from your cell phone or landline in seconds.

Face2Face Teleinterpretation Service

When the speaker is right in front of you, in a meeting or conversation. There are two systems available, one for each situation:
Headset, with the exclusive Dualia two-way headphone system. For example, one of your employees is in another country providing a service or doing business and isn't being understood. In just a few seconds, using their cell phone and the two-way headphone system with double microphone and audio to connect to cell phones, two people can speak and understand each other over the phone with the interpreter of the requested language.

SpeakerPhone, through your own hands-free, videoconferencing or conference call system. An unexpected client visit, a business opportunity, a short meeting. . . with just your telephone and the hands-free device you can get an interpreter wherever you are.

Incoming 3way-call teleinterpretation service

When you receive a call that you need to take in another language. Avoid fixed costs in your call center. Develop your e-commerce to its full potential by taking phone calls in your customers' languages at an affordable and variable cost.

Outgoing 3way-call teleinterpretation service

When you make a call. Empower your sales team to be able to call any client anywhere in the world, always in their language.

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