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ATLAS RT on your home turf


The Plus solution for ATLAS RT

Linguaserve's clients

A system exclusively for you, in your own facilities.

Multilingual website publishing without no modifications to your systems, in your company facilities

The Multilingual Production System and Real-Time Machine Translation over the Internet on your home turf.

System hosted at your company's facilities and under your system and security guidelines. Have all the power in your own data center, on your own servers and using your own communications. It is a perfect solution for large corporations and organizations.

It has already been installed for some of our very prestigious large clients. It is a flexible tool with built-in translation engines, as well as options for human post-editing of machine translations and professional human-reviewed translations. It is compatible with Akamai systems, multi-device systems, HTML5 and ITS 2. 0.

With ATLAS Real Time your website publishing platform will no longer lack multilingual capabilities.

  • Languages
  • Multilingual website publishing
  • Hosting and Service level
  • Real-Time Machine Translation
  • Extension of the Machine Translation Pack
  • Human translation
  • Machine Translation Post-editing
  • Personalized Translation Dictionary
  • Personalized Translation Engines

Contact us here or using our forms and we will advise you on the best version for your business.

ATLAS Real time

Standard Professional Enterprise Enterprise+
Languages All All All All
Multilingual Website Publishing Limited Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Hosting and Service Level Shared Shared Dedicated Local
Real-Time Machine Translation Basic Package Intermediate Package Advanced Package Personalized Package
Extension of the Machine Translation Pack
Human Translation
Machine Translation Post-editing
Personalized translation dictionary
Personalized translation engines

Website publishing in real time

In under 30 days you will have your multilingual website, always up-to-date.


The best translation interoperability to connect with your CMS, DMS, ERP, etc.

See video.

ATLAS Real Time is a real-time multilingual website publishing system.

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