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We guarantee that your website’s launch will be a success


Initial website translation: a special phase

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Website translation requires technical and linguistic solutions that can simplify and ensure proper functionality in the languages of your choice

That is what makes it a website localization rather than just translation. A critical stage of this process is the proper roll-out to dimension your website in several languages. Performing a thorough needs analysis to adopt the best strategy, technological solution and multilingual services will impact your multilingual website further down the line.

An important factor when translating and localizing a website is the maintenance that it will require: how often it will be updated and how, what the volume of content will be, etc. Many more questions will arise as time passes.

If a technology migration process is also involved, we will help you navigate it, providing support on everything as far as multilingual content is concerned.

We apply techniques and solutions designed for our clients' convenience and security, using standards and best practices and researching improvements to respond to each new requirement they bring us.

We guarantee that your website's initial translation will be a success.

  • International website construction analysis (internationalization).
  • Proper processing of each of the system's layers (display, business logic and data).
  • Analysis of template designs to ensure compatibility with the required languages.
  • Localization and testing of literals and functional elements for correct online navigation.
  • Translation, review, localization and integration of content.
  • Processing of several formats and standards: XML, XHTML, XLIFF, HTML4. x, HTML5, WAI (A, AA, AAA), ITS2, images, downloadable files (PDF, MS Office, etc. ) and multimedia.
  • Analysis of requirements and technology to plan ahead and determine the best solution for multilingual updating in the future.

All our services are integrated with the most cutting-edge solutions and methodologies to provide you with the best management and production of multilingual documentation and content. In more than 50 languages and national and local dialects.

Albanian - Arabic - Armenian - Azerbaijani - Basque - Belorussian - Bosnian - Bulgarian - Catalan - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dutch (Netherlands) - English (British and American) - Estonian - Finnish - French - Galician - Georgian - German - Greek - Hindi - Hungarian - Irish - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Latvian - Lithuanian - Maltese - Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese Chinese (traditional and simplified) - Norwegian - Pashto - Persian (Eastern and Western) - Polish - Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) - Romanian - Russian - Serbo-Croatian - Slovak - Slovene - Spanish (Spain, Latin America and USA) - Swedish - Thai - Turkish - Ukrainian, etc.

Contact us using the form and we will advise you.

We analyze your situation to implement the best solution at the lowest cost.

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