Technical and localization services

///Technical and localization services
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Specialists in project localization and internationalization


Technical and localization services

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Our technical and localization services analyze types of data and workflows in order to implement the correct processing techniques

This includes, but is not limited to, implementation and maintenance of hardware, software and communications; localization of applications (extraction and integration of content); filters for CAT tools, for source code or XML-HTML content; programming of multimedia elements; testing of localized code; localization and processing of document formats; professing of Flash and multimedia elements; image layout and processing, etc.

These services encompass several tasks

They include three basic processes:

  • Internationalization (I18N): the technical preparing of material for multilingual functionality, in terms of storage, processing and presentation. Linguaserve provides consulting based on its experience.
  • Localization (L10N): the technical and linguistic processing of elements so they function in each of the required languages, such as developing specific filters for XML schemas or processing a resource or help file, or any other kind of structured data.
  • Layout and graphic design (DTP): preparing layouts for the CAT tool (like converting a PDF file to an editable format or the prior layout of that editable version), laying out final documents or retouching graphics in the document.

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