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Linguistic testing: the text of your applications in movement

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Linguistic and functional verification of websites and applications
Linguistic testing insures that the localized website,
application or multimedia is fully functional in the translated languages.

Lists of words and brief texts for navigation and functionality require special testing.

The result must be the same as the original application, so that the outcome is a turnkey product.

This final phase is key to the localization process. Reviewers check the accurate translation of a text, but do so out of context or in a more bare-bones context than the graphical and functional environment. It is the tester who reviews the available context.

We check that the entire text has been translated, that the formats, numbers, dates, etc. are correct, that no text is shown in an incorrect language, and that the text is properly laid out on the screen and is not truncated.

In the case of websites, because they are translated out of context, once the translations are integrated into the corresponding templates, images or code, testing is done not only to review and adapt the language as needed with the addition of context, but to consider and notify the client of other relevant issues in the localization, such as space problems or lengths of translations, illegible font sizes in other writing systems, colors, etc.

We ensure the translation of your information system or multimedia is a success.

Avoid annoyances and leverage the experience of multilingual quality-control best practices in translation and localization of websites, applications and multimedia.

With us you can also take advantage of the full potential of ITS 2. 0 for quality control of multilingual websites.

Contact us now so we can identify your linguistic quality control needs and offer you no obligation advice .

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