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Subtitling is a complex process involving several professionals who must work in close collaboration to carry out the project

Subtitling means transferring oral content into a written format. This methodology is perfect for showing videos in an environment where a different language is spoken, at a significantly lower cost than dubbing. For this kind of project, clients send Linguaserve the video files to be subtitled in digital format, along with the instructions (target languages, format, resolution, technical specifications, etc. ). We have Mac and Windows subtitling software (Annotation Edit, FAB, EZ Titles, Swift, etc. ), meaning that we can work in practically any existing subtitle format as well as on files supported by editing and authoring software (Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore, etc. ). We also have advanced editing and authoring software to work with subtitled videos in whichever format is required by the client (Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore, Flash, etc. ).

At Linguaserve we analyze the specific needs of each case based on its specificities (target language, format, resolution, technical specifications, etc.), and we collaborate with professional partners with proven experience in the sector.

Plan ahead and save your video scripts

Transcribing audio to text is a step that makes subtitling slower and more expensive than necessary. Having the texts or scripts for the video eliminates this cost and time, and lets you immediately start the special process of subtitle translation and subsequent technical processing and video production.

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