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Style review: the linguistic aspect

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Style review consists of an overall review of all the elements of written content: the style, the correct selection of terms used, the accuracy or appropriateness of local or foreign words and idiomatic expressions, the application of rules established in style guides, etc. This is intended not only to polish the overall quality of the publication, but to give it consistency throughout.

We combine general standards with our clients' specifications

Document style correction is done in accordance with international editing standards editing for all kinds of publications, and with comprehensive control over the quality of the composition: detecting and correcting errors and typos and incorrect hyphenation of words, as well as floating lines at the beginning and end of pages (widows and orphans), incorrect placement of spaces, strings of hyphens, etc.

However, at times clients may for a variety of reasons choose non-standardized formats, to highlight certain elements of the text, for instance. These customized criteria are incorporated into the review in order to adapt it to the client's ultimate needs, always advising them on the linguistic specificities and cultural characteristics of the target language.

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With us you can also take advantage of the full potential of ITS 2. 0 for quality control of multilingual websites.

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