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Committed to quality


Quality assurance via automated, semi-automated and human means

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Quality depends more on how things are done than how much they cost


Linguistic quality control is one of our main lines of R&D

We apply formal rules and directives regardless of the language, as well as linguistic ones for each language, both in a general sense and specifically for each client, each document type and even each document in order to ensure the quality you require.

Our integrated tools and linguistic services are designed to provide the quality assurance and control system best suited to each case.

We implement processes, systematic methodologies and control mechanisms to guarantee the quality of projects

  • Use of style guides and terminology glossaries.
  • Continuous assessment of our approved freelancers.
  • Allocation of specialized resources.
  • Monitoring and technical control of materials.
  • Linguistic and translation controls.
  • Audits and satisfaction surveys.
  • Management and tracking of incidents and non-conformities.
  • Coordination of the entire process by a project manager.

Quality assurance via automated, semi-automated and human means

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Avoid annoyances and leverage the experience of multilingual quality-control best practices in translation and localization of websites, applications and multimedia

With us you can also take advantage of the full potential of ITS 2. 0 for quality control of multilingual websites.

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