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Specialized proofreading: when a review is not enough.

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Comprehensive quality assurance system.

Do you need your translation to be validated by experts in a specific subject?

Sometimes a professional review of a translation is not enough, and texts require an expert who is native in the target language to validate the translation with an appropriate amount of context. That is the job of our specialized proofreaders.

We have an extensive network of native specialists in a wide range of subject areas

They do a single-language review to check that the translation suits the purpose and field of expertise intended, ensuring maximum quality and accuracy.

Avoid annoyances and leverage the experience of multilingual quality-control best practices in translation and localization of websites, applications and multimedia.

With us you can also take advantage of the full potential of ITS 2. 0 for quality control of multilingual websites.

We place our experts at your disposal. Consult us

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