Correction of proofs

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Don’t print without proofing first


Correction of proofs: before going to print

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Publish your documents with complete assurance and confidence

An essential stage for translations that are going to press

Printing proofs are corrected before a document is published. We check for typographical issues, composition errors and printer omissions.

Correctors carefully review the document, giving the publisher or layout team their corrections using standardized marks, symbols and guidelines. Las erratas, la correcta puntuación, los elementos ortotipográficos son los objetivos de este servicio.

At Linguaserve we ensure that your documents are published with the utmost assurance and confidence.

An efficient, quick and quality service

Avoid annoyances and leverage the experience of multilingual quality-control best practices in translation and localization of websites, applications and multimedia

With us you can also take advantage of the full potential of ITS 2. 0 for quality control of multilingual websites.

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