Specialized professional translation

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We are specialists thanks to our freelancers and clients


Specialized professional translation

Linguaserve's clients

Specialization and experience

We also have extensive multilingual terminology glossaries for every field, and we generate them for each client. They enable expressions to be unified over time and in each text, so that each client's preferences are systematically adopted.

Somos especialistas gracias a nuestros clientes y colaboradores

Our specialized team, multilingual glossaries and corporate style guides, along with our methodology and technology, form the basis of a quality service.

Specialized translation requires proper knowledge of the material to be translated as well as broad experience with documents and terminology. We put your business knowledge into objective terms in the reference materials in order to leverage translators' specializations and unify the end result.

We have a reliable network of accredited native translators with broad professional experience

We are experts in several fields, including:

  • Technical, industrial and equipment-related translations
  • Commercial translation
  • Economic and financial translation
  • Technical, engineering and IT translation
  • Legal translation
  • Marketing and business translation
  • Life sciences translation
  • Tourism and cultural translation
  • Scientific translation

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