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Translation for exporting

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Every day many companies in our country find themselves at the crossroads of entering an international competitive bidding process.

Selecting and preparing a product or service for exporting requires an understanding of not only the product, but of the target market as well.

It is essential that your products are clearly and correctly identified by their container and label to be sold on the global market, using shapes and colors as well as appropriate commercial slogans and messages for each market. Finding the right words and message is a strategic factor in the exporting business.

Bidding processes are made up of a series of specific actions that require careful study. At Linguaserve we are committed to meeting deadlines and adapting our service to the specifications and needs of our clients.

Documentation must ultimately be generated in both paper and electronic format: so there is a final step which involves producing the necessary copies (printing, binding, copying, etc.), which must be planned for ahead of time.

We handle the management, translation and multilingual localization of your website, manuals, bid requirements, bids, catalogs and commercial documentation with an innovative and top-quality service that adds value to your products, brand and the prestige of your business. A project manager is in constant contact with the client at all times to resolve and clarify their concerns and anticipate potential issues.

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