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Certified translation

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Do you have a document that requires a legally valid translation?

A certified translation is a translation done by a certified translator licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Certified or sworn translators act as notaries, attesting to the accuracy of the translated document.

Translations of some documents, contracts, birth certificates, diplomas or degrees, or your company's financial statements sometimes need to be submitted to an official body and thus require legal validity. If you require sworn or certified documentation for other countries, ask us and we can advise you on the valid legal formats for each one.

Accredited certified translators

Before putting their seal on a translation, certified translators must compare the electronic document sent by the client with the original document. So clients must provide us the original document before the project can start. If a client does not have the original documents in paper format, the certified translator may include a note in the translation indicating that original documents in electronic format were used in the project, attaching a copy to the translation and putting a seal on it, if applicable.

Contact us and we will advise you.

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