Translation of website content

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Web Sensitive” Translation


Translation of website content

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"Web Sensitive" Translation

The Internet has become the primary tool for businesses and disseminating information for a global market. An understanding of the general characteristics of online multilingual communication and the different types of Internet content is essential to correctly translating website content, along with the specific goals and requirements of each client.

Website translation also requires automated and standardized format processing as well as efficient and profitable production, processing, management and quality processes.

We have a solution for every need

  • Analysis of content, structure, navigation.
  • Analysis and creation of SEO-oriented glossaries.
  • Extraction and insertion of translatable content.
  • Translation and localization of texts by accredited native translators.
  • Development of filters and tools.
  • Localization and technical processing of graphics and multimedia material.
  • Online linguistic testing of templates, menus and text strings.

All this includes integral project management to ensure quality and client satisfaction

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Translation of website content
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