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The question is not if it works, but what it works for.


Machine translation: advanced linguistic technology

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A fast and economical alternative to human translation

Do you need to expand your business? Do you have a large volume of content that needs to be translated? Do you have a tight budget or deadline? Our machine translation linguistics services offer a fast and economical alternative to human translation.

Machine translation allows you to:

  • Quickly expand your business to other markets.
  • Reduce your translation costs.
  • Increase the volume of content that can be translated at a reasonable price.

We assess your needs and adapt our machine translation solutions

Machine translation (MT) without smoke and mirrors

That is our way. The question is not whether MT works, but what machine translation is currently being used for and to what extent it can help you reach your goals. These days MT is suitable for many purposes:

MT for informational purposes:

  • When a high-quality translation is not required.
  • Useful for breaking language barriers.

MT for productive purposes:

  • Requiring human review or post-editing.
  • From a cursory review to a high-quality translation.

Other uses of MT:

  • Selection: knowing what to translate before making a decision.
  • Classification: translating classification metadata.
  • Search, SEO, SEM: dynamically expanding the reach of search engines.
  • Writing tools: helping people who know a language but have difficulties writing in it.

Machine translation has a growing presence in our world

Machine translation is evolving along with the changing requirements of the knowledge society and globalization. To successfully use machine translation, you must keep several key factors in mind:

  • Intended use, adapted to the needs and solutions for each client.
  • Integration, with the appropriate functional definitions, costs and effort.
  • Methodology, with the integration of automated systems and tools as well as human tasks.
  • Security, performance, scalability, speed and robustness.

We use the best products in the world and integrate them with our own tools and combine them with human tasks that adapt machine translation to your texts in a way that is flexible, scalable, robust, secure and high-performing.

Contact us and we will advise you on the current state of machine translation and its possibilities

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