Human Post-Editing of Machine Translations

///Human post-editing of Machine Translations
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Quality machine translation on demand


Human Post-Editing of Machine Translations

Linguaserve's clients

A fast and economical alternative to human translation.

Post-editing is performed in tandem with other linguistic technology

Post-editing programs, quality assurance programs, translation memories and personalized dictionaries allow us to streamline, optimize and control the service quality.

The Universidad Europea and Linguaserve have developed an innovative methodology for Machine Translation Post-Editing called the EDI-TA Methodology.

EDI-TA is an R&D project undertaken by Linguaserve and the Universidad Europea de Madrid, as part of the work Linguaserve has done within the European MultilingualWeb-LT (Language Technologies) project and the ITS 2. 0 Interest Group. It is part of W3C's Internationalization Activity and the MultilingualWeb community.

The EDI-TA project adopted a practical standpoint. As a result, translation resources and workflows are used to create an experimental scenario as follows:

  • Special features of each machine translation system's output in each language pair with either rule-based, statistical or hybrid systems.
  • The languages pairs involved.
  • The volume of words per language pair.
  • The type of text and the areas, subjects or sectors.
  • The specific vocabulary and terminology of each client.
  • Translation memory systems.
  • Integrated post-editing and assisted translation tools.
  • Integrated quality assurance tools.

You can get more information from our publications:

The methodology is aimed at combining machine translation with human intervention with the greatest efficiency for the client’s “textual universe”.

Our post-editing services are offered at different levels, from quick post-editing to full post-editing

It is what we call quality on demand, adapted to your needs, budget and the purpose of the texts.

Post-editing includes reviewing and correcting content generated by machine translation to ensure its quality and consistency, at a lower cost than human translation.

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