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Telephone interpreting: an immediate solution for communicating in another language

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An interpreter from any location in real time.

From anywhere, at any time

Telephone interpreting, or teleinterpretation, lets you have an interpreter at any place and at any time, with just a cell phone or land line, paying only for the minutes you use.

We offer our clients three types of teleinterpretation service:


Used when the speakers are present but not the interpreter:

  • Cell phones and two-way headphones are used between two people on the move.
  • Hands-free or speaker phones are used for two or more people in meetings.

Incoming 3way-call

Through a land line receiving calls (a call center, for example).

Outgoing 3way-call

Through a landline making calls (a conference call, for example).

All the service features you've been waiting for

  • Secure access via telephone-number identification.
  • Quick access time and immediate response in all languages.
  • Automatic access procedure.
  • More than 50 languages.
  • Interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • For security purposes, only the numbers provided by the client receive access.
  • You may use any telephone, but we supply telephone packs for specific corporate services.
  • We also have accessories for interpreting via cell phone.

  • Headset, with the exclusive Dualia two-way headphone system. Two-way headphones with double microphone and audio to connect to a cell phone, allowing two people to speak by telephone with the interpreter of the requested language. For example, one of your employees is in another country providing a service or doing business and isn't being understood. In just a few seconds, using their cell phone and the two-way headphone system with double microphone and audio to connect to cell phones, two people can speak and understand each other over the phone with the interpreter of the requested language.

No more spending huge amounts of money for conversations that last minutes or meetings that last just a few hours. ¡Infórmese!

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