Onsite interpreting

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Onsite interpreting

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We make multilingual communication between people possible

In business meetings, on trips or at conferences, our interpreters enable you to communicate clearly

We offer all interpreting services: simultaneous, consecutive, whispered (chuchotage), telephone, relay and judicial.

At Linguaserve we have a strong network of accredited conference and escort interpreters available to you in the county of your request.

Simultaneous interpreting. When the person talking does NOT pause for their words to be translated before continuing. Used for congresses, conferences, symposia, conventions, seminars, etc.

Consecutive interpreting

When the person talking pauses for their words to be translated before continuing. The interpreter sits next to the speaker and takes notes while listening to the speech in the original language. The speaker must pause every few minutes for the interpreter to reproduce the entire content of the message in the target language, as if giving the original speech.

Whispered interpreting (or “chuchotage”)

The interpreter whispers the oral text in the target language into the ear of a person or a small group. It is used for company visits, meetings, meals and events with few attendees.

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Onsite interpreting
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