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Application localization includes much more than just translation

Localization (L10N) is the full processing of content and computer programs to function in other languages and cultures, and involves:

  • Analysis.
  • Planning
  • Project management.
  • Internationalization.
  • Translation and cultural adaptation.
  • Integration.
  • Testing.
  • Documentation.

Code, libraries, resources, screens, interfaces, content, help, manuals: each require a different tool, but there must be coordination and consistency between them.

All the elements involved in localizing a software application in the correct order and with the necessary phases to get the best result.

Localization of a digital application

Localization of a computer application means translating linguistic-cultural coordinates, including semantic, semiotic and formal aspects.

It sometimes requires internationalization (I18N), which entails redesigning and re-engineering the information systems to convert them into multilingual systems.

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