Multilingual web publishing in real time

///Multilingual website publishing in real time
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We publish your website in several languages in real time


Multilingual web publishing in real time

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Multilingual web publishing in real time

The exponential growth of online content makes the process of creating and maintaining multilingual websites increasingly complex

To meet this challenge, at Linguaserve we have a real-time multilingual web publishing system called ATLAS REAL TIME.

The system enables the real-time publishing of translated pages while users navigate a language version of the website. Installing the ATLAS RT system is quick and non-invasive. It depends on the complexity and scope of the website. It also depends of the degree of post-editing and fine-tuning to improve the quality of machine translations and human-translated texts. It can either synchronously serve translated HTML pages or show static files that have been previously translated and localized.

Use a combination of several linguistic technologies to get the best result

A rules-based machine translation system with integrated management of HTML tags (nodes and attributes), translation memories that improve the end product, and a machine translation post-editing system that streamlines and optimizes the generation of memories, all in addition to tailored dictionaries.

The system requires minimum intervention from your IT department, as it is fully installable, configurable and scalable

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Integration and interoperability with CMS
Multilingual web publishing in real time
Machine Translation Integration

Website publishing in real time

In under 30 days you will have your multilingual website, always up-to-date.


The best translation interoperability to connect with your CMS, DMS, ERP, etc.

See video.

ATLAS Real Time is a real-time multilingual website publishing system.

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