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Our working languages


Global network of specialized language resources

Linguaserve's clients

Unified access to all major languages.

Many different languages as part of a unified multilingual experience.

Linguaserve’s translation and localization services draw upon a global network of specialized language resources.

Our network of freelancers includes thousands of translators and reviewers who work with a wide range of working languages: Western and Eastern European, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and Asian languages.
Our translators only translate into their native languages and are specialized in a wide variety of subjects.

Linguaserve always selects specialists with the most appropriate profile for each of its clients’ multilingual projects, regardless of the sector or linguistic combinations required.

Carefulneeds analysis needs and clear scope, requirements and time availability assessment enable us to implement the solution, team of experts, techniques and service levels best suited to each project.

We select and maintain a specialized project team. We optimize management time by automating repetitive tasks and work flows so that our professionals spend time only on the things that add value in terms of quality, punctuality, flexibility, personalization and the most important aspect: smart cost savings.

Linguaserve’s working languages:

Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA
Albanian (Albania) sq-AL
German (Germany) de-DE
German (Austria) de-AT
German (Liechtenstein) de-LI
German (Luxembourg) de-LU
German (Switzerland) de-CH
Alsatian (France) gsw-FR
Upper Sorbian (Germany) wen-DE
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA
Arabic (UAE) . . . ar-AE
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB
Arabic (Libya) ar-LY
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM
Arabic (Syria) ar-SY
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE
Armenian (Armenia) hy-AM
Assamese (India) as-IN
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic alphabet, Azerbaijan) az-Cyrl-AZ
Azerbaijan (Latin alphabet, Azerbaijan) az-Latn-AZ
Lower Sorbian (Germany) wee-DE
Bashkir (Russia) ba-RU
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD
Bengali (India) bn-IN
Belarusian (Belarus) be-BY
Bosnian (Cyrillic alphabet, Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-Cyrl-BA
Bosnian (Latin alphabet, Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-Latn-BA
Breton (France) br-FR
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG
Catalan (Catalonia, Spain) ca-ES
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ
China (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) zh-HK
China (Taiwan) zh-TW
Chinese (Macao Special Administrative Region) zh-MO
Chinese (People's Republic of China) zh-CN
Chinese (Simplified) zh-Hans
Chinese (Singapore) zh-SG
Chinese (Traditional) zh-Hant
Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) si-LK
Korean (Korea) ko-KR
Corsican (Corsica, France) co-FR
Croatian (Latin alphabet, Bosnia and Herzegovina) hr-BA
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR
Danish (Denmark) da-DK
Dari (Afghanistan) prs-AF
Dhivehi (Maldives) div-MV
Slovak (Slovak) sk-SK
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR
Spanish (Bolivia) es-BO
Spanish (Chile) es-CL
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR
Spanish (Ecuador) es-EC
Spanish (El Salvador) es-SV
Spanish (Spain) es-ES
Spanish (United States) es-US
Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT
Spanish (Honduras) es-HN
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI
Spanish (Panama) es-PA
Spanish (Paraguay) es-PY
Spanish (Peru) es-PE
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-DO
Spanish (Uruguay) es-UY
Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE
Euskera (Basque Country, Spain) eu-ES
Faroese (Faroe Islands) fo-FO
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI
French (Belgium) fr-BE
French (Canada) fr-CA
French (France) fr-FR
French (Luxembourg) fr-LU
French (Principality of Monaco) fr-MC
French (Switzerland) fr-CH
Frisian (Netherlands) fy-NL
Welsh (United Kingdom) cy-GB
Galician (Galicia, Spain) gl-ES
Georgian (Georgia) ka-GE
Greek (Greece) el-GR
Greenlandic (Greenland, Denmark) kl-GL
Gujarati (India) gu-IN
Hausa (Latin Alphabet, Nigeria) ha-Latn-NG
Hebrew (Israel) he-IL
Hindi (India) hi-IN
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU
Igbo (Nigeria) ig-NG
Indonesian (Indonesia - Bahasa) id-ID
English (Australia) en-AU
English (Belize) en-BZ
English (Canada) en-CA
English (Caribbean) en-029
English (United States) en-US
English (India) en-IN
English (Ireland) en-IE
English (Jamaica) en-JM
English (Malaysia) en-MY
English (New Zealand) en-NZ
English (United Kingdom) en-GB
English (Republic of the Philippines) en-PH
English (Singapore) en-SG
English (South Africa) en-ZA
English (Trinidad and Tobago) en-TT
English (Zimbabwe) en-ZW
Inuktitut (Latin Alphabet, Canada) iu-Latn-CA
Inuktitut (Syllabary, Canada) iu-Cans-CA
Irish (Ireland) ga-IE
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS
Italian (Italy) it-IT
Italian (Switzerland) it-CH
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH
Kannada (India) kn-IN
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) kk-KZ
K’iche (Guatemala) qut-GT
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-RW
Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) ky-KG
Swahili (Kenya) sw-KE
Konkani (India) kok-IN
Lao (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) lo-LA
Latvian (Latvia) lv-LV
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-LT
Luxembourgish (Luxembourg) lb-LU
Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) mk-MK
Malayalam (India) ml-IN
Malay (Brunei Darussalam) ms-BN
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY
Maltese (Malta) mt-MT
Maori (New Zealand) mi-NZ
Mapuche (Chile) arn-CL
Marathi (India) mr-IN
Mohawk (Mohawk) moh-CA
Mongolian (Cyrillic alphabet, Mongolia) mn-MN
Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian, People's Republic of China) mn-Mong-CN
Nepali (Nepal) ne-NP
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) nb-NO
Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway) nn-NO
Occitan (France) oc-FR
Oriya (India) or-IN
Pashto (Afghanistan) ps-AF
Persian (Iran) fa-IR
Polish (Poland) pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Punjabi (India) pa-IN
Quechua (Bolivia) quz-BO
Quechua (Ecuador) quz-EC
Quechua (Peru) quz-PE
Romansch (Switzerland) rm-CH
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO
Russian (Russia) ru-RU
Inari Sami (Finland) smn-FI
Lule Sami (Norway) smj-NO
Lule Sami (Sweden) smj-SE
Southern Sami (Norway) sma-NO
Southern Sami (Sweden) sma-SE
Northern Sami (Finland) se-FI
Northern Sami (Norway) se-NO
Northern Sami (Sweden) se-SE
Skolt Sami (Finland) sms-FI
Sanskrit (India) sa-IN
Serbian (Cyrillic alphabet, Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr-Cyrl-BA
Serbian (Cyrillic Alphabet, Serbia) sr-Cyrl-SP
Serbian (Latin alphabet, Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr-Latn-BA
Serbian (Latin Alphabet, Serbia) sr-Latn-SP
Sesotho sa leboa (South Africa) nso-ZA
Tswana (South Africa) tn-ZA
Syriac (Syria) syr-SY
Swedish (Finland) sv-FI
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE
Thai (Thailand) th-TH
Tamazight (Latin alphabet, Algeria) tzm-Latn-DZ
Tamil (India) ta-IN
Tatar (Russia) tt-RU
Tayiko (Cyrillic alphabet, Tajikistan) tg-Cyrl-TJ
Telugu (India) te-IN
Tibetan (People’s Republic of China) bo-CN
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR
Turkmen (Turkmenistan) tk-TM
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA
Uyghur (People's Republic of China) ug-CN
Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) ur-PK
Uzbek (Cyrillic alphabet, Uzbekistan) uz-Cyrl-UZ
Uzbek (Latin alphabet, Uzbekistan) uz-Latn-UZ
Valencian (Valencia, Spain) va-ES
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN
Wolof (Senegal) wo-SN
Xhosa (South Africa) xh-ZA
Yakutia (Russia) sah-RU
Yi (People’s Republic of China) ii-CN
Yoruba (Nigeria) yo-NG
Zulu (South Africa) zu-ZA

If the source or target language you need is not included in the list, contact us and we will tell you about the additional languages that we work with.

Do you need help in a language that is not included in this list? Even in such cases, we will find the perfect team for your project.

For more information, please contact the Linguaserve team.

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