Gamer dictionary: 26 terms and expressions you should know

Have you thought about enriching your brand with a gamer dictionary? If you work professionally in the field of video games and want your brand to be recognized, you need to move smoothly and naturally in this world and use gamer vocabulary throughout the development of your business strategy to attract the audience you’re interested in.

Video games–and everything related to them–is a rapidly growing market that knows no boundaries. Games are played all over the world, all the time, on all kinds of devices, so familiarity with the contents of a video game dictionary is essential in this sector.

Here are all the terms you need to know

As specialists in the video game sector, Linguaserve deals with a great many words from the Gaming dictionary every day, and we’ve compiled a list so that you don’t miss a single one.


Let’s start with the rankings of the ESRB or Entertainment Software Rating Board, a non-profit organization that rates electronic games and applications to provide consumers with information on content and subject matter.


  • Early Childhood


  • Everyone


  • Everyone 10 and up


  • Ten


  • Mature (17+)


  • Adults Only (18+)


  • Rating Pending


The dashboard also includes content descriptors that expand on the information.


These are some of the most common acronyms for classifying video game themes in a gamers’ dictionary.


  • BR (Battle Royale). There can be only one. Example: Fortnite.


  • DLC: Downloadable content.


  • FPS: First-person shooter. Example: Call of Duty.


  • MOBA: Multiplayer online battle arena. Example: League of Legends.


  • MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online. Example: World of Warcraft.


  • RPG: Role-playing game. Example: Skyrim.


  • RTS: Real-time strategy. Example: Total War:Three Kingdoms.


  • TBS: Turn-based strategy. Example: XCOM 2.


  • TCG: Trading card game. Example: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.


  • TPS: Third-person shooter. Example: Gears of War.



We have also compiled some common chat expressions and acronyms.


  • AFK: Away From Keyboard. The player is absent and their character remains still.


  • BUFF/BUFFING: Increasing the stats of a game element, whether a character, a weapon, a skill…


  • EARLY GAME: Early play. In e-sports and other competitive video games, matches are divided into early, mid and late game or the final phase.


  • FARMING: Performing repetitive actions to gain something, such as experience or rewards.


  • GLHF: Good luck, have fun. Greeting at the start of the game.


  • GG/GG WP: Good Game, Well Played.


  • Kappa: Expression that conveys sarcasm.


  • NERF/NERFING: Lowering the stats of a game element.


  • OP: When an item is OP, it’s too good. It is normally nerfed by the developers to keep from detracting too much from the game.


These are just a few of the many words that make up our gamer dictionary. When we translate and localize a video game, we provide you with the best specialists in this service to ensure a gamer-tested result.

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