Advantages of website translation and localization in education

Website translation and localization provide many benefits to education. For instance, if you are the person responsible for marketing in an educational institution, multilingual services and solutions can be an important tool to boost company website communication.

1. Gain international visibility

According to official data of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the presence of foreign students in Spain has shown steady growth during the last decade at all education levels, whether compulsory or non-compulsory.

Labor mobility is a reality in 21st century Europe. In 2019, almost 18 million Europeans lived in a country which was not their country of origin. Lots of these workers have school-age kids who need to be educated in the country of destination.

Facing this reality, website localization in international campaigns adapts the discourse of the educational institution to the characteristics of each country and the culture of the target audience.

2. Attract students from other countries

Having a considerable number of students from other countries enriches an educational institution and makes it more appealing for future students.

Multimedia translation and localization play an important role in attracting new students. Informative and advertising content used by an educational center, whether in digital or audiovisual format, must be translated and localized so those interested can read it in their native language with just one click.

3. Advising without any language barriers

Is the next step to take into account. Content translated into several languages draws the attention of potential students and their families, which then request more information. Being able to provide advice in the necessary languages is essential for the interested parties to feel they are being assisted in all matters related to the center: dates, registration periods, educational programs, faculty, etc.

4. Promote student exchange programs and summer camps

Among the most interesting activities for an educational institution and student body are student exchange programs and activities that take place outside of regular school hours. It’s a good chance for the center to earn a profit by offering students from other countries the opportunity to spend a few weeks or months as local students. Physical and digital educational materials are adapted to these students by translating and localizing the content and any other necessary resources.

5. Optimize the faculty’s educational work

An educational center that seeks international recognition must have bilingual faculty who understand the students perfectly. Likewise, the center must facilitate and support educational work providing translated and localized educational resources that will be used during the lessons, regardless of whether they are online or in person.

Educational content requires accurate and high-quality website translation and localization that can only be provided by a professional website translation and localization company with the best human and technical resources.

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