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Expert Partners

At Linguaserve we strive to ensure we have the most expert and trusted partners.

Our technology and service partners allow us to go even further.

Together we can bring more value to our clients. That is why Linguaserve's partners are carefully selected from specialists in several relevant fields. We are interested in building upon our partner network by establishing stable, lasting and trusting relationships with industry companies with synergies that benefit our clients.

Below you will find information about our partners. If you want to join them, please fill out and send the Information Request form.

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Beneficial partnerships

Beneficial partnerships

Our technology and service partners allow us to go even further.

At Linguaserve we are always open to beneficial partnerships, so if you think we can provide better service to our clients together, please contact us via our Information Request form.

Linguaserve is part of the Plunet Academy Software program and cooperates closely in the use and development of this software on an international level. For the development of this program, one of the leading universities in Spain –the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)– has been chosen, where Linguaserve provides software licensing and training for students, and teaching and research staff in the field of Translation and Interpreting.

Our Partner in the USA, Canada and Latin America. A company that provides services to major clients in several countries, specializing in diverse industries and with a team boasting over 25 years' experience. This practical experience is what ensures proper insight into the business. Its fields of specialization include technical documentation in various industries, sales and marketing manuals, administrative and legal texts and technical texts related to fossil-fuel exploration, production and distribution. With its team of linguists offering translation services in more than 60 languages, it enables its clients to communicate effectively on the international market. JR Language works with Linguaserve on customer service, service provision and the implementation and improvement of our solutions. More information at
OctaveMT, powered by Lucy, collaborates with Linguaserve in the field of Machine Translation and the translation of SAP content.
Astex collaborates with Linguaserve in the field of translation, localization and implementation of advanced multilingual web solutions, especially for SMEs.
Cocomore collaborates with Linguaserve on several projects in Germany and other European countries where it provides technical services on several web and multilingual content management projects. It was Linguaserve's partner on the European MultilingualWeb-LT project. More information at: LT-Web (MultilingualWeb-LT)
Indra collaborates with Linguaserve on several cutting-edge projects in the implementation, maintenance and provision of services with multilingual web solutions.
Dualia collaborates with Linguaserve on providing telephone interpreting services.

SDL LSP Partner Program es una comunidad global compuesta por destacados Proveedores de Servicios Lingüísticos que utilizan la tecnología punta de traducción de SDL para mejorar su oferta empresarial. Todos los partners han demostrado su compromiso para optimizar la calidad y el valor de los servicios que prestan a sus clientes mediante el uso cualificado y avanzado de la última tecnología de traducción de SDL.

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