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We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes


Orientados al cliente

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We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes

Communication is mostly about knowing how to listen.

That is why it is not enough to offer multilingual solutions to large companies; we must also provide tailored services and personalized attention.

All our products, solutions and services are client-focused

We evolve to meet their current and future needs:

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Communication is mostly about knowing how to listen.

Cutting-edge technology with personalized attention for our clients:

  • Assignment of a project manager and team selection
  • Understanding their multilingual needs, both linguistic and technical, as well as their management processes
  • Needs analysis
  • Designing the solution and the services
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement

The team applies the methodology and solutions to each client:

  • Parametrization and adaptation of technological solutions and translation tools
  • Adaptation to complex workflows
  • Team selection tailored to each project
  • Reference materials created by and for each client
  • Conversion engines and processing of individual formats
  • Tailored service levels

Automation and control

There is no strength without process control. These days the real-time control, tracking and monitoring of projects, costs, verifiable punctuality and client interactions for every service offered is essential, whether for content or documents and any of the systems we have available:

  • Person-to-person exchange
  • Person-to-machine exchange
  • Machine-to-machine exchange (interoperability)
  • Real-time multilingual publishing
  • Validation and Quality Assurance
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Website publishing in real time

In under 30 days you will have your multilingual website, always up-to-date.


The best translation interoperability to connect with your CMS, DMS, ERP, etc.

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ATLAS Real Time is a real-time multilingual website publishing system.

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